FailCon Goes International – A preview

I have recently become a contributor for Silicon Maniacs, the magazine run by Silicon Sentier. Here is a preview of my article on FailCon France, which happened last thursday in Paris….

The culture of failure has changed a lot in the startup world over the past few years, and a lot of credit must go to Cass Phillipps, who started FailCon in San Francisco in 2009. With this conference, Entrepreneurs began talking about their failures, and Entrepreneurs began learning from others’ mistakes. While it is undeniable that to fail should be avoided, there is something to be said about recognizing your mistakes and learning from them. And with that in mind, FailCon has begun expanding, with its first international stop being in Paris, France.

Having hosted an unofficial FailCon back in January, Roxanne Varza was the first to admit that French entrepreneurs are not the best at talking about their failures. I recall speaking with a prominent French entrepreneur about the possibility of getting into a new project, and his response was “I will only jump into the project if I know it will succeed.” Nonetheless, there was no lack of volunteers to speak about their failures and struggles openly and with pride.

For the rest of the article, head click here.

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