Five Reasons TechCrunchFR Sucks

I read. I read now more than ever. In school, I bought books and never read them because I hated that I was tested on them, but now that it’s up to me, I read all the time. I bought a printer, stapler, and notebooks for all the miscellaneous blog posts I’ve wanted to read and thought “this will be useful later” (PS: TechCrunch, seriously, work on your Print Version!); however, unfortunately, what should be my go-to resource, TechCrunchFR, gets little to no attention from me. I have made known my complaints about TechCrunchFR before, but, after discussing with a few other people and getting their agreement and input, I thought I’d make it official. So here are my 5 Reasons Why TechCrunchFR Sucks:

  1. Refusing to Write articles in English – I get it. France speaks French, so TechCrunchFR is in French. That’s all fine and dandy, except that no one outside of France can read this. TechCrunchEU (formally TechCrunchUK – clearly TechCrunch made their bid for the European Tech Capital) is consistently cross-posted to the TechCrunch main site – this will never happen for the French articles, because they are not in English. How does France expect to compete in the European Startup Scene, and international community, if they can’t even communicate outside their borders?
  2. Out of Date Website – TechCrunchEU has full integration with Facebook comments, and yet TechCrunchFR is stuck with a comment form. This is an integration that was made over 7 months ago, and probably soon after in Europe, and yet, from what I hear, the TechCrunchFR team is still debating with the US team to get it done, which leads me to my third point. 
  3. No Respect from the US Team – I have been told by someone who used to work at TechCrunchFR that there is little to no respect coming from the US team, whether it be getting technical upgrades, or on the editorial side. [This sentence has been removed]Given that at the time, there was only one paid employee for TechCrunchFR, and the rest were unpaid contributors with full-time jobs or university to attend, this demonstrates well the care that the TechCrunch US team has for their French brethren.
  4. Don't try to tell me startups aren't hiring in France...

    Crunchboard is a joke! – Seriously, break down the numbers. To post on the US Crunchboard (the main site), you pay $200 for one post – this is understandable, as it even costs $75 to post jobs on Craigslist in California. Jump over to the UKCrunchboard, and you’ll find a more reasonable £20 charge per post. To post on the French Crunchboard: €150. Are you freaking kidding me? No wonder the French Crunchboard is empty, who would pay that to post in France? Given the exchange rate, it’s actually MORE expensive (by 86 cents, on October 9th) to post a single job post  on the French Crunchboard than on the US Site – I highly doubt the traffic lines up. Without this resource, TechCrunchFR loses yet another battle to be the go-to French Startup resource that it is in the UK and US.

  5. No Marketing and No Love for the local – Nevermind the fact that the articles read like press releases (no offense, Selma), the articles only ever talk about French startups raising capital, or being bought. What about events going on throughout France? What about showing how France approaches startups? What about editorials instead of just press releases? In addition, there seems to be little to no attempt at marketing the site or its posts.


I recall seeing a post finally go up for The Pirate Summit, which took place just over the border in Cologne, Germany, 5 days before the event. What good is talking about an event 3 days before it happens? It’s already too late to book your ticket and get set up (although the Pirate Summit guys did tell me that they got 4 tickets sold from that article… still!). I want notifications on the Early Bird ticket prices for the Dublin Web Summit, or news about Startup Week in Vienna. Let me know what’s going on around me, so that I can be immersed in the Startup World!

I think I’ve given up on TechCrunchFR….

The startups they talk about are not revolutionary (price comparers, European clones, and shopping assistants), and I never get the feeling that the author is any more enthused about the topic than I am. France needs to get the word about its startup world – no one out there is translating our French blogs, and so no one knows how incredible the startups are here. I want the TechCrunchFR site to be amazing, because I know how amazing TechCrunch is, but lately I’ve even begun giving up on TechCrunch as well. I don’t think TechCrunchFR will be the solution to France’s problems – I think something new will.

According to Google €150 = $200.86

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16 responses to “Five Reasons TechCrunchFR Sucks

  • Maxence Taïeb

    I hope somebody at TCFR will read your article ;-)

    However, i think TCFR should stay in French, but some nice article can be translated to English and publish on TechCrunch Europe. I think Roxane was doing that sometime.

    PS : you should implement Facebook Comments as well!

    • Liam Boogar

      Hey thanks for the comment!

      I totally agree that TCFR should remain in French, or go to French and English posts of every article.

      I’m working on getting Facebook comments – it’s a project for the month, as well as hosting my blog on my own server.


  • Roxanne Varza

    Hey Liam

    As former Editor of the site, I can say that most of these issues originate in the US (the missing social features, Crunchboard, etc.) – therefore, this article should maybe be retitled why TechCrunch US sucks. :p

    As for the fact that you think it reads like press releases – this is what you get when the staff isn’t paid unfortunately. Analysis and whatnot takes time, which is not easy to allocate to something as demanding as TC when you are not being paid for it. I do want to give Selma credit for doing her absolute best and having to manage the site and the team in addition to her other activities.

    Regardless, I totally agree with your opinion – I also really feel it’s time for an English-language tech blog for the French community – so I’ll take care of that shortly. :)

    Keep your brilliant posts a-coming.

    • Liam Boogar


      Thanks for the comment. I totally agree that most of these issues aren’t at the fault of the TechCrunchFR staff – obviously, the US Team gives little to no attention to the FR Team, and it is the VOLUNTEER and little-paid staff who suffer for it.

      I actually have only again started reading TCFR since Selma jumped in – it’s been nice to at least have something going on. It does not look like an easy task to handle, given the obstacles listed above, and given its previous Editors, I’m sure she well deserves the title.

      Glad you agree on the English-language blog in France :)

  • Willy Braun

    Ahah Liam, u’r giving up to blog marketing. shocking title and a number :D
    I agree w/ u mainly in the first 4 points.
    I don’t w/ the 5th. And since as u mentioned, almost every contributors write it for free, they love startups and the community.
    Do you want them to be less in the “classical journalism” (or less corporate for the articles that look like PR) and more personally engaged ? i guess its your point, the solution would involve more feelings : rude criticism or love declaration ?
    I think both should exist, but classical journalism need ressources as u mentioned. Then the more “blog-like” portal with point of views should rock. Is that the “new solution” ?

  • Willy Braun

    PS : i love my english, it makes me sound dumb. -.-

  • jonathan

    Frenchweb is in french but for me it more interresting than tcfr:
    – more news
    – more interviews
    – Video posts

    I really like tcfr but now I go in the US version to have some news and it’s bad for the local french tech scene !

  • VB

    Dear Liam,

    Great job Article. I need to learn a lot from you :)

    I truly appreciate your motivation level about start-ups.

    Somehow, I am not agree with the point no.3 ‘No Respect from the US Team’ in your article. In my opinion that is something an internal operations policy of a company…how many employees they will be hiring, how many times they will be talking etc…. we never know, how much is truth about it.

    # Moreover, you are doing so good in writing, I encourage you to publish your own news letter for start-ups in Europe( In English). I would be happy to help you voluntarily. #

    Good Luck for future Post !!

    I need to learn a lot from you :)

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